Pumping Solutions

The initial pump purchase accounts for only 5% of the Lifetime costs of a pump therefore getting it right first time is critical





Vacuum Pump Solutions


With choices from Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump technology ( LRVP - the traditional workhorse of industry) to the to the most advanced fully automated and controlledDry Vacuum pumps. It is worth considering the Pro's and Con's of each technology




Valve & Actuation Solutions

Value as opposed to Cost, the innovations that will address Health and Safety and Environmental issues on site, may far outweigh the cost price paid




Instrumentation Solutions

The Industry is moving rapidly towards Wireless monitoring and basic control.  With "Thumb" technology we can now also unlock the process variables in older wired instruments.




Aseptic Solutions

Where errors can be very costly, we present products designed for the most critically demanding applications in the Biotechnology industry




Filtration Solutions

Filtration is one of the largest MRO spends - We have shown many large Pharmaceutical plants how to reduce their spend on filters and overcome validation hurdles




Safety System Solutions

The effects of exceeding safe pressure levels in an unprotected pressure vessel, storage vessel, or system can have catastrophic effects on both plant and personnel.




System Design and Build


With our Process Expertise the team at ESI pride ourselves in been "Solution Providers, not just Equipment suppliers". We can take a system from concept through P&ID design - HAZOP - 3D CAD layout - Fabrication - Test and commissioning.